Getting Started

Thank you for being an OpEx Partner! Let us get you started with selling and earning referral commissions right away. This guide will help you set-up the OpEx products on your website and get it ready to sell. If you are only planning to use the direct referral links to our products without setting up a store on your website, this guide will still come in handy.

Completing your Partner Profile

The first step to start earning referral commissions is to complete your affiliate/partner profile with all the required information. See below for an overview of the Partner Dashboard and available tabs:

Profile Tab

The following fields under the Profile tab can be edited and should be filled up with the required information:

  • Partner Name: This is indicative of what appears as the name for your account on the website. Updating the partner name field will update the name that appears in the top right corner within the header of the website.
  • Payment Email Address: The email address you enter here will be used to send out Referral Payouts to you. We usually send out payments via PayPal.
  • URL to Thank You page on payment: Provide a URL to the Thank You page on your website where the customers should be redirected to, after placing an order on the SecureOpEx store. The products you set-up for sale on your store (using either the direct affiliate links or the Store Sync plugin) directs the customers to the SecureOpEx website for processing the payment. Once the transaction happens, they will be redirected to the page you use the URL for, in this field. If no URL is provided, they will be shown a Thank You page on this website.
  • Online Training Support Contact Person: The information you enter here is used in the first email that is sent out to the customer when their online training account is set-up after their order is successfully placed on the website. The “welcome email” contains the Online Training portal credentials and other necessary information to help them get started with their Six Sigma training.

    Support contact person’s information is added to the welcome email to allow customers to contact them in case they’re facing issues with the online training.
  • Online Training Support Phone: Fill in the contact number details that you would like us to add to the “welcome email” sent to the customers signing up for the online training.
  • Online Training Support Email: Fill in the support email address that you would like us to add to the “welcome email” sent out to the customers signing up for the online training.
  • Enable New Referral Notifications: Enable this if you would like to receive an email notification when you earn a new referral.

Branding Tab

The Branding tab can be used to upload and set an image that represents your brand. This image will be displayed to the customer as the brand logo on Cart & Checkout page when processing the order. If no logo is uploaded, SecureOpEx logo (as you see on the top left) will be displayed to the user.

It is highly recommended that you upload a branding image so as that customers are aware that they have landed up at the right place to process the transaction. This provides a consistent user experience.

Start Earning

You are all set to start selling and earning referral commissions once your profile is completely set-up. See below for an overview of the profile tabs that will help you start selling right away!

Store Sync Tab

OpEx Store Sync allows a quick and smooth integration of the OpEx store on your WordPress-WooCommerce powered website. As an OpEx partner, you will be able to download the OpEx Store Sync plugin that you can install and set-up on your WordPress powered website.

Minimum Requirements:

  1. WordPress version 4.8 or later.
  2. WooCommerce version 4.0 or later.

The information related to installing and setting-up the plugin, exporting and importing the products is provided on the tab under the respective sections.


We understand that reporting and insights matter a lot when it comes to online sales, which is why we have made sure that your profile includes all the critical information related to referral sales, earnings and sale performance, etc. See below for a list of profile tabs that cover the reporting aspect of your partner profile.

  • Statistics
  • Graphs
  • Referrals
  • Payouts
  • Visits